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In the conditions of extensive globalization, enterprises have to stay in contact and collaborate with each other to remain competitive in the market and to create valuable deal-making connections. Therefore, board members usually speak on the behalf of their corporation on the global level and attend multi-national sessions, summits, and different business occasions. Though it does not mean that they is not obliged to take part in dealing with the internal issues of the company: even though board members spend a lot of time on business trips, they as well are expected to take part in company’s work and make justified solutions.

Virtual data room facilitates this mission as it performs the role of a board portal effectively . A virtual repository allows board members to interact with each other and to get acquainted with the company’s latest news, disregarding any external conditions. As the data room is accessible constantly around the Earth board members are not expected to worry about missing crucial news or skipping essential gatherings. Also, board portals are commonly accessible not exceptionally on laptops or PCs but also via application: all the information is accessible with the help of the mobile devices.

Moreover, whenever board members share the files with the help of virtual rooms theyhave no reasons to worry about dangers that might threat the confidentiality of documents exchanged. As email exploitation has no role in the information exchange (all the information is approachable exclusively via the platform) there is any danger of data leakage. In addition, all the documents are encrypted and stamped with dynamic watermarks hence anonymous browsing and sharing are out of question. Virus scanning, firewalls, and two-step user verification guarantee that exceptionally authorized users have an access to the documents.

Concurrently, board members can give an access to certain information in order to consult with external experts. Regarding the level of access to the data approved, user groups are different but board members can be sure that not a single user will access improper documents unintentionally. Therefore, owing to VDRs board members have a chance to interact not only with the employees of a certain company but to continue the discussion with external investors, experts, partners, etc. Obviously deal-making negotiations can comfortably be accomplished by means of .

Smooth communication is enhanced by Q&A section. Whenever board members feel the need to elucidate some documents with some VDR users or groups they have a chance to establish a branch of questions and answers regarding some document. The discussion occurs directly within the virtual data room so there are no reasons to worry about data security. At the same time all the virtual room visitors (in a case they are provided with certain permission) can look through the dialogue and contribute. Hence, due to such Q&A sessions, board members have a chance to interact with certain employees or partners and take part in efficient and valuable discussions even during the time when being absent in the office.

The effectiveness of communication via virtual platforms is also ensure by simplicity inherent to the utilization of a virtual room. All the information is classified and establish a well-organized file system that can be navigated without any efforts. Due to advanced search instruments board members do not have tosearch the whole data archive but they have a chance to exploit filtering tools and keywords in order to detect the data or folder which they need. In addition, they have a right to embed links between the files and make search process even less complicated.

Board members frequently have to deal with the need not only to get acquainted with the latest news from home but also to upload to the room some data telling about their latest gatherings and business achievements. Bulk and drag-and-drop uploading tools intrinsic to virtual rooms enhance this process: board members have a chance to upload new documents within a few minutes and all the relevant room users will get an email telling about the new data that was uploaded to the virtual repository. Thus, the negotiations can be started immediately.

That is why, a reputable VDR accomplishes a role of board portal and enhances the life of board members outstandingly. All the features and tools intrinsic to VDRs make the repository comfortable and effective for maintaining dialogues between businessmen: they face notable time savings and they are free in their access to confidential corporate files.

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