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Investigating Internet Casinos: The Most Famous Varieties of Slot Machines


Slots are famous for having a rather enduring history as the basic slots have been existing to please the players since the first days of the 20th century. Apparently, in the course of more than a century slot machines have undergone multiple improvements and alterations to be adjusted to impressive wishes of the gamblers all over the planet. Therefore, present-day online casinos provide different slot machines that should attract even the most strict and determined gamblers. For this reason, it is not extraordinary that slot machines are different from each other in multiple characteristics : the number of reels, the number of betlines, the sum of the jackpot and the way of winning it, style of the graphics, etc. Before you go further, learn more about . Even though there are numerous sorts of slots we will pay attention only to the most well-liked, popular and impressive sorts such as:

  • Classic slots
  • Multi-payline slot machines
  • Progressive slots
  • 3-D slots

Plunge into traditions with classic slots

Classic slot machines are the best for the players who lacks experience in games of chance and for the players who give preference to traditional and rather old-school means of entertainment. Classic slot machines have not faced any crucial changes starting from their invention and till the present day they are provided with 3 reels and a single payline. Betting options are also confined : you have a right to wager one coin per reels’ spin or you have a right to wager all the highest amount permitted. When you feel like checking your reward, you are provided with all the probable winning combinations visible and the only thing you is supposed to do is to compare your betline with the legend. So, when playing a classic slot you move back in time and have a chance to satisfy your affiliation to the past and fascination with old-school games. But, while being simple and minimalistic, classic slots are trying to do their best to keep their positions and remain attractive to the players that have access to the never-ending number of playing options opportunities. In example, some classic slot machines are facilitated with more novel options such as scatter symbols, multipliers and particular other functions intrinsic to modern slots.

Multi-betline slot machine to maximize your win

In traditional slots, three identical symbols that appear on a betline indicate a victory. Such course of the game is easy to follow but it cuts your opportunities to win the jackpot as your success relies on one line. Hence, in more up-to-date slots 5 reels are involved instead of three and numerous lines are ready to except your bets. Hence alternatively to making bets on one central betline you are allowed to make a bet on various lines at the same time. Commonly, multi-betline slots are equipped with from 9 to 20 paylines so that your potential to win increase instantly. Wagering on a few betlines force you to spend more money during one spin but you have to keep in mind that alternatively to relying on one betline of same pictures you might benefit even from pictures that are spread all over the reels. However, you are the only one to decide on the sum of the wager and on the number of betlines you are willing to make a bet on. Nevertheless, disregarding some risk multi-betline slot machines provide you with inspiring and stirring experience that is expected to bring you a victory of a some amount of coins.

Progressive slot machines – your ticket to the jackpot

Progressive slots are a comparatively new type of slot machine. Its most substantial aspect that makes it different from other slot machines is that progressive slot machines have a joint jackpot. The algorithm is rather easy to grasp: numerous slots are connected to one another in a single network and the possible jackpot mounts continuously until the spin when particular casino visitor in the web reaches it. The size of the jackpot totally relies on the number of players participating in the network. It means that the more people at the same time play – the more coins the happy game participant have an opportunity to win. Therefore, in online casinos progressive slots are particularly well-accepted as they give you a chance to gain a large amount of money during a a few spins as the jackpot depends not exclusively on your actions but on the general actions of all the casino visitors that participate in a single network. Thus, you have an opportunity to easily wager a single coin and end up winning a 40 million jackpot in a few minutes. For this reason, it is not sudden that progressive slot machines are appealing to a lot gamblers and grasp their attention. But, you should not neglect the fact that generally progressive slot machines impose a few restrictions on your actions and plainly define state of affairs when you must be treated as permitted to win the jackpot. For this reason, one of the most regular rules is the requirement to make bets on all the lines and to wager the maximum per game. Hence, you should keep your attention to make sure that you are completely aware of what you have to accomplish to hit the jackpot.

The moved boundaries of 3-dimension slot machines

Technological change have an impact of the maturation of slot machines essentially. As slot machines have ubiquitously moved to the online venues and have become wide-spread, software providers are trying to do their best to make their slot machines distinguishable from the hundreds of other virtual slots. They endeavor to ensure that their player will get as realistic experience as possible. For this reason, 3-D technology has been successfully applied to virtual slots in order to make them more popular and engaging. When playing 3-dimension virtual slot machines you have to deal with famous heroes from popular culture, deal with animated icons and are entertained by ideal symbols. Mostly, slot machines’ developers want to build a particular narrative behind the game so that a gambler is not distantly spinning the reels but is involved into an entertaining gameplay. Hence, it is not extraordinary that three-dimension slot machines are gaining popularity rapidly. However, as they demand for development comparatively huge budgets not all the software developers can afford working on development of such slots. To learn how to deal with this innovative kind of slot machines you can visit virtual casinos, although you might need to install some software to take part in the game.

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